Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cucumber salad

The cucumber, Cucumis sativas, is a subtropical annual originating in India. Domesticated by the seventh century BC, the cucumber soon spread to China and the ancient Mediterranean world.

Often referred to as a vegetable, the fruit of cucumbers is 96% water and its flavor comes from the edible seeds. Pickler cucumbers are paler green than slicer variety and sometimes have light stripes.

Cucumbers are frequently soaked in vinegar or brine to create pickles. It is thought that this practice gained popularity to overcome the bitterness of the rind of earlier varieties.

It is to find a home for cucumbers in salads and sandwiches. Traditional sandwich normally composed of paper-thin slices of cucumber place between two thin slices of crustless, buttered bread. The challenges occur how to get more cucumbers to fit into the sandwich.

Portable, quick, satisfying, cheap and requiring neither plate nor cutlery, the sandwich is the most universal of all fast food, the archetypal hand-held snack. The sandwich is simply the quickest way of making a meal.
Cucumber salad

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