Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Meat patty

It is round, flat cakes of comminuted meat. Although they may be prepared from meat mince, they may also be reconstituted e.g., from mechanically recovered meat.

Varieties include beef patties, chicken patties and turkey patties. Meat patties are manufactured in many different sizes, weights and shapes.

The meat and fat materials processed are frequently boneless cow meat, beef plates, or beef flanks as well as soothe beef trimmings.

The choice is often determined by availability as well as the cost of the material itself, with prerequisites that fat content in the finished goods remains constant.

Hamburger patties are the most popular and it is estimated that their consumption represents slightly more than 50% of the world’s total beef consumption.

Patties can be divided into countless different quality levels based on the amount of meat and fat present within the finished product, the amount of water added to the mass and the level of non-meat ingredients used.
Meat patty

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