Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Of the cooked and smoked batter sausages, frankfurters (sometimes called franks, wieners, or hot dogs) are the most popular of all the sausage products produced in the United States. They represent more than 25% of all the sausage products sold in the United States.

The frankfurter type sausage, made from beef, pork, chicken or meat mixtures, with the addition of different ingredients and flavourings consumed in many world cultures due to its high

quality protein, safety and process profitability. A typical frankfurter will have a composition of 60% beef and 40% pork.

Among the ingredients used in the formulation of sausages are cereals and legumes, which are used as binders or extenders due to their ability to retain water and fat.

There are several nonmeat proteins used in the preparation of frankfurters and other meat products which include starches, vegetable protein, dairy protein, antioxidant, extenders and so on. Soybean protein isolate is one of the most used in meat technology.

Collagen is added to meat products as connective tissue, but it is physical form, composition, and stability to heat must be important for use in emulsified products.

The wieners can vary in size and style for different markets. The largest diameter is the frankfurter, and the smallest diameter is the Vienna-style wieners.

The sensory properties of frankfurters and sausages are influenced by the seasonings and other flavorings used in their production. They are also significantly influenced by the composition of the ingredients used, the quality of these ingredients, the processing technology and casing materials used, by smoking and, not least, by their shelf life.

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